Breaking down caste stereotypes

In Bangladesh as in other places in the Indian subcontinent, the Dalit, or ‘untouchable’ people face huge discrimination, social exclusion and economic disadvantage. As a consequence, in the communities where they live, most live in extreme poverty.

Working with ActionAid I was able to document some of the positive stories to come out of this disadvantage, made possible thanks to their support.

In these images we meet Atika Begum who at just 25 became the first Dalit woman to get a job with local Government. Along with other Dalit women from her community, she had been trained in the rights of Dalit people and the rights of women generally. Seeing her potential as a leader, she was then trained further to develop these skills before running for election. Despite challenges along the way, she succeeded and is now making significant changes for her community and raising the profile of Dalit women in Bangladesh.